• Saya Suda

    Saya Suda

    A Japanese-American teenage girl, with golden, wolf-like eyes and black hair tied back in two large braids. Always seems to have a bit of dirt on her clothes.
  • Harley Quinn/???

    Harley Quinn/???

    Malkavian vampire in the Court of Ian Martel. Dresses as various female comic villains. Seems enamoured with the Toreador Prince.
  • Prince of New York - Ian Martel

    Prince of New York - Ian Martel

    Tall gaunt man in early thirties, acne scarred face, world weary blue eyes,with shoulder length stringy blond-brown hair. Dresses well, but his cloths look as though he sleeps in them.
  • Vincent Tessier-Ashpoole

    Vincent Tessier-Ashpoole

    Blond, male, early thirties, large scar from hairline over left eye to mid cheek, ice blue eyse, 185 lbs, 5'10", dresses in quality suits