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Second Session


Vampire the Masquerade
Game Notes 31-May-2013
•During the ride from the warehouse of our siring we all feel as if something, a
beast, is living within each of us and that this beast knows more about what we
now are then we do.
•Eventually the van tops and the back opens
•Butch says we’ve got a hard night, been drafted into a war. That we need to
kill a bunch dirtbags in one of the nearby buildings
•Precious takes us to a side door, we’re to kill everything that moves
•James looks around before we enter; he sees a typical NY alley, but for the
area of town it’s too clean
•One of the vampires that turned us, the geeky one, shifts into a monster of
bone and claws
•Precious focuses on the door, a tentacle comes out of the dark and breaks down
the door
•As we enter we see it is a storage room with tall shelves, a restroom, there is
a far wall with another closed door
•David and Steve enter first
•Bonnie runs in as far as she can
•James moves in quick and grows two little horns on his forehead
•The two red shirt vampires that were sired with us also enter
•Steve, having taken up a hiding spot, hears people moving from behind the far
•David moves toward the far wall
•Bonnie climbs on top of the second to last shelf
•The closed door on the far wall opens and an attractive woman with a big gun
comes through
•James holds his action
•Mob1, big guy with claws, attacks and kills red shirt girl
•Mob2, big guy with blades or swords, attacks and kills red shirt guy
•The woman shoots @ Bonnie doing 1 bashing
•James moves to tackle Mob2, but misses
•John moves, attacks Mob1, kills him
•Mob2 attacks James for 1 lethal
•Woman starts to flee
•David attacks Mob3 for 10 damage, killing it
•David moves after the woman, but doesn’t catch her this turn
•Steve notice Precious has disappeared, and goes to investigate
•Woman opens the door and only sees the geeky vampire in bone monster form
•The bone monster kills the woman swiftly
•Bonnie attacks Mob2 for 8 aggravated, killing it
•Bone monster snacks on the woman
•Butch and Ginger, standing outside the building still, are engulfed by a wall
of flame
•Bone monster is dumb struck by what just happened
•David is barely able to keep his wits about him
•Bone monster steps outside, gets attacked by three vampire using celerity to
rip him to shreds
•Steve is escorted back into the building by another vampire
•The new vampires gather us together, ask if we even know what we are
•Damsel, Jack, Nev, Skeltor, are the vampires
•James leaves his horns as they are for now
•David tells Jack we didn’t drink from a vampire we drank from a chalice
•Jack tells us to never mention that again, that the chalice must be some sort
of relic and those always have negative aspects that aren’t easy to know
•Jack tells us we are vampires, that they are real, and that they’ve been hiding
from normal people for a long time
•Jack says we will need to be presented to the Prince
•We are then loaded back into the van and are driven to see the Price at Madison
Square Garden
•During the ride James plays with his fingers for fun
•Van stops, we get out, Jack starts walking into MSG
•As we get further and further in we start to see people
•We eventually enter a large room lit by torches on either side. It’s full of
people and one man sitting on a throne at the far end
•He is flanked by two enormous men
•The Prince is tall, with string hair, a long face and nose, and rail thin
•His guards appear to be Gangrels
•We go before the Prince and he greets us
•The Herald reads us the rules of the Masquerade
•We each introduce ourselves, one at a time, to the Prince
•He assigns each of us a mentor
o David is assigned Peter
o Steve is assigned Harley
o John is assigned Marlo
o Bonnie is assigned Robert, one of the HUGE bodyguards
o James is assigned the Prince and blood bound
o Walter is left looking at art

In, David Plakosh <dcplakosh@…> wrote:

> Game notes from 31-May
> On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 6:43 PM, bureau_13 <esbetts@…> wrote:
> > These two Flaws seem to apply to all of your characters;
> >
> > Dark Secret (1 pt) – You have some sort of secret that, if uncovered,
> > would be of immense embarrassment to you and would make you a pariah
> > in the local Kindred community. This could be anything from having
> > murdered an elder to being a member of the Sabbat.
> >
> > Traumatic Embrace (3 pt) – Supernatural Flaw: A favorite practice among
> > the Sabbat is to Embrace a human, then subject them to some horrendous test
> > or situation that grinds away at their humanity. Some violent or inhuman
> > sires also force their childer to go through a similar episode, whether
> > they are members of the Sabbat or not. Characters with this Flaw may not
> > start the game with a Humanity rating higher than 5, regardless of their
> > Conscience and Self-Control, and may never raise their Humanity above 8,
> > due to the singular lack of sympathy for their fellow creatures.
> >


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