Cannon Fodder

First Session

Embrace and Terror

You were all kidnapped by strange masked men while riding a tour bus in NYC. Taken to an abandoned warehouse, you underwent a strange ritual involving a black cup and blood and then were buried in a coffin six feet under.

You broke out of the coffin by giving into your feral nature and with superhuman strength, you dug your way to the surface. Above ground you attacked the nearest living being and killed them in a bloody orgy of bloodletting. Slowly coming out of your frenzy, you realized that the ne you had killed was a loved one…

You saw fellow survivers and then were confronted by your new “sires” or “packmates” whatever that means. Told that you were created for a “war” you were loaded into a short-haul van and driven to your “first” fight.


esbetts esbetts

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